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Hi there,

My name is Karyim Carreia born and raised in NYC. Pizza and Veggie Burgers are my go-to cheat meals. I do love my cheat meals. haha, I've worked as an Art Director / Motion Designer since starting my career in 2010.   Most of my professional experience is in tv/film production, advertising, and digital media. Some of my clients over the years include Viacom, NBC-Universal, Island Def Jam, and Vox Media.

I've been humbly called a "digital wizard" by clients. Keeping up with the latest technologies is a "low-key" passion of mine.  Making me a bit of a nerd who's vastly knowledgeable in a broad range of software.  Lastly, I live for collaboration and the opportunities to build innovative ideas from conception to completion.

Please feel free to reach out for inquiries. There's a contact form below.  Currently available for remote work both domestic and international.  




WGA-East   |   2019 - present

Motion Graphics Collective   |   2011 - present

Parsons Faculty Union  |  2014 - 2015


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